In a season when I usually let myself become overwhelmed by my "to-do" list, I am letting go of some of the things I often feel pressured to do.  
Instead of adding to my list this year, I am paring it down, choosing to enjoy simple activities with my kids.  
You may have noticed my posts becoming less frequent over the past few weeks, and this will be the last until early in the new year.  I hope your Christmas is filled with happy and warm moments!  See you in 2014!
5/2/2017 01:34:53 am

Merry Christmas to you, and to your family! As a reader, I truly understand why you became not so active in posting on your blog. Family will always be your priority! By the way, I am happy to see the photos. This simply means that your family is your happy pill. Getting to spend quality time with your love ones is priceless! Thank you for this update!


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