I love the idea of having a Summer Bucket List -the season is so very short here and there are so many things I want to do with my kids.  Having those ideas posted on my fridge reminds me to find the time and just do them!  And it is a list, so of course I can't resist.  I created this template last summer, but prettied it up a bit this year for maximum list-making enjoyment.  

Click on the image below to print yourself a copy.     
Summer To-Do List Template
I added a Rainy Days category this year; sometimes those days sneak up on me and I am left with a lost girl.  After spending nearly every moment outside, Yummy is at a loss of what to do on her own in the house.  However, since she does spend so much time outside, she is usually quite happy when I have an indoor activity ready since we don't do them that often (unlike in winter when she gets very tired of indoor play, whatever it may be).  And Dooter is always ready for something new to try out as well.  

I really like the Good Times for Mommy & Daddy category, since it is such a busy time around the farm -it's good for us to plan for some time on our own and make it happen.  
I've been adding activities to my own summer list as I see them on Pinterest.  
Take a look at these fun ideas and enjoy!
*All the photos below belong to the authors of the blogs and are credited to them!  Click on a photo for the link. 
Thanks so much for allowing me to use your photos in my post!

Fun Things Around Home
Pictured below in order. 
1.  Frozen Vinegar: Cool Summer Science
2.  Ice Treasures
3.  Tin Foil River
4.  Leaf Necklace

Not Pictured, but still on my list!
5.  Hole In One: sponges and frisbees
6.  Sweet Tea Sensory Bin
7.  Bathtime for Stuffed Animals
8.  Mixing Potions
9.  Make Ice Cream Floats
10.  Pasture Walks
11.  Press Flowers

Rainy Days
Pictured below in order.  
12.  Face Painting
13.  Hey Diddle Diddle Popsicle Stick Puppets
14.  Fairy Loom (photo courtesy of paintcutpaste.com)
15.  Fabric Necklace
16.  Magic Wand
17.  Five Little Speckled Frog Craft
18.  Papier Mache Pens
19.  Printable Drawing Prompts
20.  Googly-eye Easel Starters
21.  Indoor Camping: Set up a tent downstairs for reading and playing in.  Last summer I made a felt campfire, inspired by this listing on Etsy by HopewellCreek.  Mine (pictured below) isn't nearly as lovely, but it has been a lot of fun in pretend play.
Not Pictured, but still on my list!
22.  Bubble Bath Milk Experiment
23.  Cardboard Necklace
24.  Play Dentist
25.  Blanket forts with Glow Sticks
26.  Have a Tea Party
27.  Make Jello
28.  Make Cardboard Guitars

Places to Go
29.  Kiddie's Day Parade
30.  Saturday Farmer's Market
31.  Camping!
32.  Playground
33.  Splash park
34.  Library
35.  Visit Grandma 
36.  Petting Zoo

Good Times For Mommy & Daddy
37.  Dinner Date in the city
38.  Weed the garden (sounds a bit lame, but it needs to be done and it's actually quite nice to be   
        outside in the garden together in the evening)
39.  Enjoy a campfire together after the kids are in bed
40.  Make a comfy spot in the back of our truck and look at stars

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I will be sharing my own ideas a few times a week throughout the summer as well.
6/27/2013 10:52:09 pm

Such a great list of ideas. Pinning it! Thanks for including our tin foil rivers.

6/28/2013 06:38:49 am

Thanks Lorie! I'm really looking forward to building that river one day very soon! I'll post a photo on my facebook page when we do it!

7/9/2013 09:57:22 pm

Fabulous list, I will be book marking some of these! Thank you for including our leaf threading activity, hope your family has fun collecting and threading!

7/10/2013 06:58:02 am

Thanks Caz! Hope your summer is filled with fun!


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