I recently saw these activity mats on amazon.com -they gave me the idea to make my own activity mats for dance.  I printed them out and laminated mine so we could use them often and even take them outside.

We turned on some music and I lay the laminated mats on the floor.  Yummy and I stepped from one to the next, exploring these different qualities of movement.  

Ideas for extending the fun and learning:
  1. Try using different body parts (legs, arms, torso, head, shoulders, fingers, spine, etc.)
  2. Do the movements really slow or really fast
  3. Try out different levels: standing tall, crouching low, laying on the floor, etc.
  4. Repeat movements to make a pattern
  5. Take the movements and travel!  (walk backwards while punching bread, skip while catching a butterfly, etc)
Read on to get your free printable dance mats!
Click on the photo below to download your copy of the dance activity mats.  
This activity explores this element of dance:
  1. Movement: Non-Locomotor Movements- twist, bend, stretch, push, pull, spin, turn, sway, poke, kick, lift, slash, punch, flick, float, glide, press, wring, shake, wiggle, etc

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