Celebrating each season's Solstice is a perfect way to provide rhythm and tradition for young children throughout the year.  For each of the changing seasons, the children and I head outside to collect natural treasures to create a seasonal centrepiece for our table.  
I chose to include a little colour matching this time around.  Using autumn toned card stock, I cut strips for each child and stapled them together into a little booklet. 
Dooter loves being a part of anything his big sister does and was excited to have his own colour booklet, even though he soon dropped his along the way in the excitement of wandering the yard together.  
Yummy and I looked through the colours and searched for items to match.  We talked about different tones of colours, how green can be bright and vibrant like new leaves, or soft and light, like wild sage.    
We stored our findings in Yummy's treasure bag.  
Dooter kept himself very busy, observing closely whatever Yummy and I were holding, finding the season's last few raspberries to stuff into his mouth, and heading off on his own with one of my solar lanterns.
Back in the house we laid out the treasures on the table in their different colour categories, before placing them in the small grapevine wreath I use as a simple base for our Solstice centrepieces.  
In the middle goes a fat beeswax candle.  It goes without saying, I think, but never leave a candle unattended, especially when it is surrounded by things that like to catch fire, like dry leaves and twigs...  We light ours up at mealtimes and allow the kids to blow them out carefully when we are finished eating.  
Soon the flowers and leaves will dry out, creating a different effect.  I like the dried flower look too.  Here's a centrepiece from last year, showcasing some lovely dried sunflowers.  
After a few weeks I will get tired of cleaning up crumbly leaf crumbs and we will dismantle the centrepiece, putting aside the wreath, candle and plate for the next changing season.  Happy Solstice!
This activity explores these Elements of Visual Art:

     Colour: shades, tints and tones of the same hues, using a limited palette. 

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