I haven't posted about a Quiet Bin for a while now, though I have been cycling in a few new ones (and weeding out the ones she is tired off) to keep Yummy busy during her afternoon break.  It isn't easy coming up with new ideas for bins that build on Yummy's interests and are also pretty cheap to make, so when I saw two little Playmobile beach people sets for $2.99 each at the toy store, I was thrilled!  This winter Yummy has often been reminiscing fondly about summertime and spending time at the beach, so I knew a beach themed bin would be a hit with her.  Since I was able to mostly use items I had, a few easy things to make, free printables and a couple cheap items, this bin cost me less than $10 to make.

The Contents

Here's what went into the Beach Bin:
  • a small treasure box (from our past Ocean Bin) filled with real seashells
  • two paper umbrellas
  • two Playmobile beach people with their accessories (wagon, shovel, bucket, bag, towels, etc)
  • a shallow wooden box lined with light brown felt, the side stamped with "sand!" 
  • a wide jar lid lined with blue foam paper for pretend water (previously in Yummy's Forest Bin)
  • a simple red starfish I sewed together from red felt (decorated with pink fabric-paint polka-dots)
  • two little felt starfish (from Yummy's mermaid birthday gift)
  • a piece of printed fabric in cool watery colours
  • a tinkerbell ball (for a beach ball)
  • a piece of driftwood
  • a book about fish: Know-It-All Fish (found it at a thrift store for 25cents!)
  • a blue container filled with felt fish magnets I made a while ago from The Purl Bee
  • free beach-themed printables (size-sorting beach balls and starfish, a starfish dice (die?), a Spot the Differences picture, and a one-to-one correspondence beach scene) from Free Homeschool Deals
  • fishy stickers for the beach scene

The Verdict

Yummy loves this bin!  She is fascinated by the variety of fish in the Know-It-All book and loves the tiny shovel and bucket that came with the Playmobile people.  Despite my inclusion of items from previous bins, Yummy is still interested since the toys are coming together in a new way.  I am convinced that new toys aren't necessary for kids to remain interested in play, that if they are given new ideas or situations to play with the same old toys in different ways, it will be just as exciting, and might actually make for deeper connections and imaginative play.

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1/28/2014 09:29:02 pm

I love this! I haven't thought of themed baskets for the kids, but will definitely be starting this in our "quiet time" rotation. Maybe an audio book one day and then a basket. Fun!

2/2/2014 09:25:29 am

Thanks for stopping by, Heather! We seem to have inspired each other! I tried the audio book idea a couple times this week and my daughter really enjoyed the change! Nice to mix things up a bit to keep quiet time interesting.

9/5/2017 05:24:56 pm

Just like you, I love the bins with a beach/summer theme! It was done in a very creative manner and I couldn't wait to make my own! By the way, I'll be having a free time next week, it's a sure thing that I'll be making this one to make my room more colorful. I'll be putting a lot of my favorite stuff there, and I'll make sure that these stuff will make me the happiest whenever I see it!

2/2/2014 12:02:53 pm

This is a wonderful idea, thanks for sharing it on Mummy Mondays last week.

2/3/2014 09:06:01 pm

Thanks, Eva!


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