Father's Day Notebooks -child made
Yummy and I put together some nice little notebooks for her daddy and grandpa today, in preparation for Father's Day this Sunday.  Both of the men enjoy having small notebooks handy while they are farming, especially ones with nice thick paper that don't rip very easily, so we used a package of big index cards for these books.  They turned out quite nicely (as homemade notebooks have a habit of doing!) and can be customized according to the whims of a little artist.  
You will need:

  • a package of big index cards (we used one package of 100 for both notebooks)

  • stamps and an ink pad

  • cardboard for the covers

  • binder rings and a hole punch or a binding machine
Yummy loves using my stamps, so this was a good opportunity for her to try each and every one with me close by, making sure she didn't ink up the entire house.  I did some stamping as well, since there were a lot of cards to fill and Yummy tends to get distracted (she started stamping entire cards full after a while, which didn't leave much space for listing).  
When all the cards were stamped, I cut some pieces of thin cardboard the same size for a front and back cover for each notebook.  I stamped the words "daddy" and "grandpa" on each cover and Yummy did some decorating -a drawing of a 'dog' on each.
At this point you can punch a hole in each card and bind them all together with a binder clip and it would make a nice list book.  However, I make and sell my own notebooks so I do have a binding machine.  Yummy was more than happy for the opportunity to test her strength on the punching lever that makes the holes for the binding coils.  I put the cards in the right spot and she punched holes for each and every card!  I put the coils on and Yummy used the second lever to pinch each coil closed around the cards.  
Ta da!  Father's Day gifts complete!  
Now, don't tell!  They are supposed to be a surprise!
Father's Day Notebooks -child made

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