One of Yummy's recurring play themes is GeeBee's Party.  GeeBee is her special stuffed giraffe that has been with her since birth; she follows Yummy almost everywhere and helps her feel safe.  GeeBee has birthdays at least two or three times a month, and the idea is always the same: cupcakes and presents.  

Party Hats

For today's party, I set out materials for Yummy to make party hats.
  • old file folders (cut in half; cardstock would work nicely too -a thicker sort of paper)
  • Mr. Sketch markers
  • thin elastic 
  • tape
  • scissors
  • hole punch

I also set out Yummy's Cupcake Kit (mentioned in my Morning Activities post), a few sheets of wrapping paper, and some colourful balloons.

Yummy and I decorated the paper.  Finding the colours we used on our Colour Wheel, we discovered that Yummy had used a complimentary colour scheme (colours opposite each other on the colour wheel), while mine was monochromatic (different shades of the same colour).
I turned each paper and taped it into a cone.  After punching holes in each side, I tied the elastic on, making sure it would fit each party-goer.  
It suits me, doesn't it?

Gift Wrapping

Yummy chose two gifts to wrap for GeeBee: a small red balloon and a ball.  She also found a small pumpkin to wrap for Dooter's precious stuffy, Bubu.  I tear off pieces of tape in short sections and stick them on the edge of the table for Yummy to use; she concentrates very hard on her gift-wrapping task, building her fine motor skills.

Play-Dough Cupcakes

I made this Cupcake Kit for Yummy ages ago and it gets pulled out of the cupboard a few times a month.  Since play-dough lasts so long, it is a perfect set for Yummy to take out whenever she has the urge to 'make cupcakes'.  I include pink glittery play-dough, muffin wrappers, candles, and sometimes gems.

Yummy created a tray full of cupcakes for GeeBee's party -a few tiny ones for the stuffed animals, and of course, a huge one for herself.  

Party Time!

GeeBee invited Panda and Elephant to his party -not enough hats for all, so Elephant got a red headband instead.  Yummy served her cupcakes along with pretend ice cream cones, pepper, and orange juice -super tasty.  GeeBee watched attentively while Yummy opened her gifts for her.
I politely 'ate' my cupcake, then left Yummy to her narrations while I got a little bit of work done around the kitchen.   

When it was time for Dooter to get up from his nap, Yummy moved her party gear onto the kitchen table so her little brother wouldn't devour her cupcakes.  She set out some pretend food for him to have his own party.  Bubu wears my party hat very well, I think.  
Celebrated any stuffed animals at your place lately?


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11/5/2013 04:50:05 pm

What a fun pretend play idea! (Although GeeBee must be getting pretty old with all these birthdays he's having! lol!)

11/5/2013 08:47:38 pm

Thanks Emma! Yes, GeeBee is extremely old, from both birthdays and being loved a LOT. I just hope he manages to stick around until he not so essential!

11/8/2013 07:35:07 pm

Thank you for sharing this lovely post on we love weekends last week. I enjoyed it so much and it brought back so many memories about my eldest child and his play parties too! I have made this post one of my highlighted posts for this weeks We Love Weekends! Please feel free to link up more posts soon! :)

11/8/2013 08:37:12 pm

Thanks so much Helen! I'm glad you enjoyed my post -how wonderful of you to feature it. I'll go check it out!

7/10/2014 04:56:56 pm

nice postz


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