As previously mentioned in this post, a lot of "treasure" is collected around this place.  There is always a beautiful (to Yummy) rock or stick or leaf that begs to be collected, and they usually end up in a pile on the deck or in the house.  So once thosetreasure bags are filled up, we need a place to empty out the choicest pieces.  We tried making a bowl out of baking soda clay, but it crumbled and broke into pieces when it dried.  When I saw a tutorial from Simple Daisy for doily bowls , I knew it would make a perfect place to display our natural collections.  I love doilies and use them in all sorts of DIY projects: furniture re-upholstery, lamp shades, clothing upcycling, etc.  They are super cheap at thrift shops.  

Pouring, Mixing, Shaping

Yummy did all the pouring and mixing, and I helped make sure each doily was covered with enough plaster of paris before we draped them over the bowls to dry.  The mix for the first two bowls was quite thick and made for heavier bowls -we were getting low on plaster for the last two bowls and needed to add more water.  I didn't think the plaster would be thick enough to create stiff bowls, but they worked out very nicely, even nicer than the heavier first one, I think.  The holes and details were much clearer with a thinner paste.    
The plaster dried very quickly; after about an hour, I was able to wiggle a knife between the doilies and bowls and pop them out to dry completely on their own.  We left them for a day to make sure they were totally dry.  
I love how they turned out and they were SO easy to make.  Yummy has claimed the largest one since she does collect a lot of treasure.  I am keeping the two smallest to put on a shelf in my workroom and the last one is going to be a Yummy-made gift for some special friends.
I helped Yummy weave a bit of ribbon through the holes in the bottom of her bowl for some extra pizzazz.  I like the simplicity of my small ones though.   
Yummy has already added some rocks and a feather to her new bowl.  I put it on top of a dresser in our entryway so she can empty her pockets before coming in to the house.  
I love this corner of my entryway!
Elements of Visual Art in this activity:
  1. Texture: Experiencing real texture with the surface quality of the doilies, both dry and covered in plaster, as well as the texture of the plaster itself, both wet and dry.
  2. Form: Creating a three-dimensional object that can be viewed from different angles
7/3/2013 12:14:51 pm

What a neat idea! I'm going to have to try this with my kids! I never use doilies, but I have some that were made by a special person so I've never gotten rid of them, even though I never use them. If we made bowls out of them they would get used again :) Thanks for the idea!!

7/10/2013 06:55:52 am

Let me know how yours turn out, Missy! I love doilies and am always excited to discover a new way of using them.


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