Yesterday was Yummy's fourth birthday.  We are planning a big double party for next weekend, where she will celebrate with her cousin, who is also turning four, and some extended family members, so I wanted to keep things pretty simple, but definitely special, for her actual Birth Day.  
Here are the things we chose to make it a special day for Yummy:
  1. Birthday Card with a special letter from each Mom and Dad, waiting on her little table to surprise her when she woke up.
  2. Birthday Shirt.  I used Tulip fabric paint to draw a flower and the number 4 on one of Yummy's white shirts for her to proudly announce her age.  (The paint conveniently covered up a few yucky stains.)
  3. Simple Decorations.  I hung pink streamers and some rose balls I found at the dollar store (since Yummy is a current fan of the colour pink and roses), and taped some balloons to her chair at the kitchen table.  She loved the balloons -we had to re-tape them several times when Dooter pulled them off for a closer inspection.
  4. Happy Birthday! written on the window (with Crayola window crayons) with her new age.
  5. A Special Prayer to bless Yummy and the year ahead for her.
  6. A Walk.  Yummy loves to be outside and go for walks, so we made sure this was part of our morning fun.
  7. Read together.  We started reading her new books.  It's always a wonderful time to connect when Yummy leans against me and I read aloud.
  8. A Little Birthday Cake.  In order to save my own sanity during this busy farming time and an upcoming party, I bought a little cake, just big enough for us four to share and enjoy.

What are some simple ideas you use to make your children's birthdays special?

Want, Need, Wear, Read
I think I first read about this idea on simple kids.net and the idea stuck with me as a nice guideline for keeping birthday gifts simple.  Here is what Yummy got for her fourth birthday from her parents:

Want: Stella & Sam DVD.  This is one of the rare kids TV shows that I really like.  Stella is an older sister to a little boy, just like Yummy is to Dooter.  Stella & Sam are always playing together creatively, mostly outside and both are curious and full of wonder. 


Need: Soccer ball (I guess it doesn't really qualify as a NEED, but we've been kicking a basketball around the yard lately and it is hard on our toes!) 

Wear: New-to-her dresses.  I found a couple of summery dresses at a local thrift shop (where I seem to find most of the clothes that Yummy likes to wear).  She's very into dresses lately, and these will get much use.


Read: My Father's Dragon series.  I loved these books when I was young, and can still picture the images I created in my head while reading them.  I recently saw them recommended on a list of read-aloud books for ages 4-8 and knew that I wanted to start reading to them to Yummy.   

And of course, I made her the little mermaid dolls and blocks, which is a fun extra.
It's hard to believe that Yummy is already four years old.  The day she first arrived and made me a mother seems not so very long ago.  It seems so strange to compare that tiny baby with big cheeks to the little person she has become today -I could never have imagined all the joy and trials she has put me through or foreseen her distinct and interesting personality.  I look forward to seeing how she grows and changes and continues to fill my life with happiness.

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