Yummy is fascinated by ice cream cones -I'm not sure if this is a typical kid thing or if it's because she so rarely gets one.  Whatever the case, she loves them and often pretends to make them out of balled up socks, cotton handkerchiefs, etc.
This sensory bin took many evenings of winding yarn around my fingers, making stacks of pom-poms.  This could be a very easy bin, if you had some big pom-poms, but I didn't.  After making all my pom-poms, I finally found a few bigger ones at a dollar store, so I bought a few to add some variety of size and texture.  
Yummy is sharing one of the plastic ice cream cones.  We work on sharing a lot. 

I like sensory bins that are safe for Dooter to use as well (and he really like pom-poms!), so this was a nice project that included both kids, even though it did take me a while to assemble.
Here's what I included in my ice cream sensory bin:
  • handmade yarn pom-poms (here is a good tutorial fromDana Made It)
  • craft pom-poms (make sure they are too big to swallow if this bin is meant for babies/mouthing toddlers)
  • handmade felt popsicles (I cut a two popsicle shapes out of felt, sewed them together, but left the bottom open, stuffed them with poly-fill, then hot glued them shut with a popsicle stick in the middle
  • small handmade felt cones (I rolled some brown felt into a cone shape and used hot glue to make them stick)
  • empty ice cream containers (this required eating the ice cream that was inside)
  • two plastic ice cream cones (I found these at Wal-mart at Easter.  They had bubble blowing solution inside, but I emptied them out since Dooter would probably dump it on the carpet or drink it up)
  • 2 plastic ice cream cones & scoops & a sprinkles container from a Melissa & Doug sand set
  • 2 plastic ice cream scoops from the kids' play dishes
To go with the ice cream theme, I downloaded and assembled this file folder game from Mr. Printables, and left it out as a Morning Activity today.  Yummy matched the ice cream colours, then sounded out the colour names to match the popsicle colours to the labelled sticks.  I like how the pieces all store neatly in the envelope on the front.

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