I keep a binder labelled "Inspire Me" where I toss images and words that make me want to create. On those days when I really want to make something, but don't have a concrete idea, I sift through the pages and, more often than not, I find something.

More and more, I can see that Yummy has the same 'making' gene. While I am busy sewing or making notebooks, she loves to sit beside me at the big worktable, drawing, tying things in knots, pinning things to her pincushion, etc.  She doesn't always need a prompt, but sometimes she tells me, "I want to make something.  What can I make?"  And then I offer her Mr. Sketch markers, or watercolour paints, or paper bits to cut and glue.     

I know the feeling she is experiencing -wanting to do something with her hands, but not sure what.  So today I set out a binder for Yummy, labelled "inspire me" up the side, with a thick piece of paper, cut to fit the front pocket of the binder.  I gathered a few papers in patterns and colours that I thought she might like along with a bottle of glue and some scissors. 
 She arranged papers and glued things together to design her cover.  I trimmed the edges and we slipped it into the binder cover pocket.  
Inside the binder, I had gathered a couple images that I knew Yummy would like -a girl with a horse, a piece of blue patterned paper, etc.  
I showed Yummy my own Inspire Me binder and we flipped through the pages, looking at the words and images I have saved.  I explained that sometimes I see pictures or read things that I really like, so I slip them into the pockets to save for a day when I want to make art or write stories, but need an idea.    
I'm not sure Yummy really gets the idea of 'being inspired' right now, but she was excited about having her own special binder and was eager to start saving pictures in it (this is an organized method for allowing the hoarder in Yummy to collect two-dimensional items!  Mr. Man and I are always finding her little piles and collections of things around the house, pilfered and made into treasured stockpiles).  I got out a bin that I have labelled "picture bits" where I save images from kleenex boxes, colouring book covers, birthday cards, old children's books, etc, and let Yummy sift through to see if there was anything she wanted to add to her binder.  
It was interesting to watch her as she looked through, to see which pictures made her stop and look for a while, and which select few she chose to add to her special binder.

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