Today is Dooter's half-birthday!  A whole year and a half old!  My own birthday is the day after Christmas, so my mom invented Half Birthdays when I was young, allowing me to have a summer party with my friends and not have the event overshadowed by the winter holidays.  Dooter is a Christmas baby as well (December 21st)  so the tradition continues on.  It's a fun little celebration that makes for another special day in the year. 
Yummy is right on board with any reason to celebrate and wanted to give Dooter a gift, so I decided a nature discovery bottle would be perfect -free and simple enough for Yummy to make on her own.  I had a couple of old dishsoap bottles with squeeze tops (Dooter loves squeeze bottles).  Yummy really wanted to stick some ladybugs and caterpillars in Dooter's bottle, but I drew the line at living creatures, explaining that they would die in there without air (especially since we added water later!) and that we could collect bugs for her bug jar (which does have air-holes) later.
Yummy collected leaves, sage, sticks, and a lot of wildflowers -our wild roses are just starting to bloom and made a lovely pink addition to the mix.  What I didn't anticipate was that this bottle would smell so good!  The roses and sage together made a potent scent, which puffed out with the each squeeze of the bottle, making it a multi-sensory experience.
The completed bottle, ready for gifting!
Dooter LOVEs his gift.  The water-squeezing feature was probably his favourite; we refilled it many times at his polite request, "Beeeeee" (That's Dooter-speak for 'Please').  Yummy made one for herself as well, as I foresaw the troubles that would arise if we only made one...

Luckily it was a warm day and it didn't matter that they got completely soaked.  The dogs got a bit of a cool-down as well -ha ha!  
The idea for a discovery bottle comes from The Imagination Tree.  We've made many of these, using the ideas Anna has posted on her site.  They were quite popular when Dooter was about 9 months and we still pull them out every few months for renewed fun.  I have a feeling we will be doing this nature/water version again many times.

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