Yummy loves exploring the pasture, and so do I.  Whenever we go out, I am always amazed by the many wildflowers, grasses, sages, and lichens.  The other day we brought back these treasures:
The crocuses are mostly all past their blooming prime now, but I love how wispy and delicate they become!
They looked so much like paintbrushes that I was inspired to do some painting with them, and Yummy was excited to try it too.  I mixed up some milk paint, from The Arts & Crafts Busy Book by Trish Kuffner.  Yes, that is an affiliate link below.  
Milk Paint
2 Tablespoons non fat dry milk
Small bowl
Warm water
Food coloring

Measure the dry milk into the bowl.  Add enough warm water to make a thick paste.  Add a few drops of food coloring and stir the mixture until it's smooth. 
Painting for All Ages
Wanting Dooter to have a chance to try some painting, I decided to pour half into a couple of squeeze bottles, knowing that if it was just in bowls, they would likely end upside down on the floor.  And he would eat the flowers.  Yay for making painting work for multiple ages!!

In order to make the experience go more smoothly, I got Yummy set up and started before Dooter, knowing that once she was going she would be fine to work independently for a little while while I made sure Dooter didn't spray the kitchen full of bright sticky paint.  

After Yummy was settled in with her two bowls of paint, some crocus paintbrushes and a large sheet of paper, I put Dooter in his highchair with a big sheet of paper on the tray and handed him the squeeze bottles.  He loved being involved, and enjoyed the slippery paint between his fingers!

I would love to hear what helps when you do art with multiple ages!

Yummy at Work

Yummy was amazed that pink and blue mixed together to make purple (I can smell a colour wheel activity in the near future...).  After a while she started to use some of her other pasture treasures -using a big seed pod to scrape lines in the thick paint, and sprinkling yellow pea flowers on top.

Dooter the Artist

Dooter stuck with the pink paint for the most part.  I think he liked the little size of the bottle.  He tasted a lot of the paint too -it makes a homemade edible paint so nice to use for little guys that can't help but taste everything. 

The milk paint was a bit stinky (powdered milk always kind of stinks to me), but it dried with a shiny finish which ended up really pretty!

Here are the completed masterpieces:

Yummy's Artwork


Dooter's Painting


This activity uses these Elements of Art:
  • Colour: colour mixing
  • Texture: using real texture with thick paint and natural materials as tools and media

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