This morning Yummy and I headed outside for a fun photo scavenger hunt.  She got a Fisher Price Kid-Tough digital camera (it comes in black for boys too) for Christmas, and uses it all the time, taking photos and videos of whatever strikes her (whether that is me in the bathroom, or some other inappropriate subject).  I highly recommend a kid-tough camera if you are considering getting one for a young child -Yummy's has survived bumps down stairs, being thrown by her little brother, and it continues on.  I also like the See-Yourself feature, which allows Yummy to swivel the camera's eye back towards herself to take photos of herself.  The photos are better quality than I expected of a kids' camera, though it doesn't begin to compare to my Sony SLR!

Free Printable Scavenger Hunt Cards!
Click the link below to download the cards so you can head out on a scavenger hunt too!
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Lots of Learning Opportunities
  • Discovering what rust is and why is happens
  • What is a reflection and where can you find one
  • The difference between smooth and rough
  • Learning the difference between a square and a rectangle
  • Counting the sides of a square
  • Matching letter sounds to written words
  • Focus on details and specifics
We had a fun time searching for different things to photograph.  Yummy loves seeing the word next to the picture of an object, so having these little titled photo cards was perfect.  She is very proud when she can guess what letter a word begins with by listening to the sound, and then can confirm her guess by looking at the written word.   

Yummy's Photos

Pardon my work jacket and windblown fuzzy hair -I didn't realize I was going to be the subject of a photograph!
4/20/2013 12:02:01 pm

I love, love, love your picture of the flowers in your window! They look just as beautiful as they did when I saw them the first time for real :)

4/21/2013 06:43:56 am

Thanks Missy!


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