Yummy and Dooter got dressed up first thing this morning to go visit their grandparents and great-grandma, to go "truck-a-treating", as Yummy said.  Yummy shivered with sheer excitement, while Dooter was just pleased to be going for a ride in the truck.   
I've always loved dressing up and now I get to make fun costumes for my own kids to show off.   
For Yummy's rainbow costume, I sewed a simple panel skirt with a stretchy waist, and made a felt crown and brooch to match.  Yummy is very particular about the things she wears despite also loving to get dressed up, so simple is best.  I'm pretty sure the crown won't last long.

I used the tutorial from The Train to Crazy for Dooter's raincloud costume -so cute!  And the cloud vest kept him warm and toasty in the cool morning air.

I have wonderful memories of dressing up for Halloween when I was little: getting to walk around in the dark in the safe presence of my mom, or at other times, with my grandpa, shouting "Halloween Apples!" (Grandpa didn't like the idea of trick or treating -not nice to trick people, you know!), laughing with all the other kids running about, dumping out our stash of treats while my grandma cut open the apples before we ate them, so excited to see all the different treats we'd snagged, dividing out the caramels to save so my mom could make her special caramel popcorn.  

Later today Yummy and I will head out with my sister-in-law and her kids to bring smiles to more people, while Mr. Man stays home with our now-recovered, but still-needing-extra-naps Dooter.  He'll enjoy some alone time with his Dad, and probably finish off that delicious bag of raisins from his great-grandma.
11/1/2013 09:07:29 am

Hi Maria! Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving such a nice comment. These costumes are adorable!

11/1/2013 10:45:39 am

Thanks Samantha! I had a lot of fun making them! It was lovely of you to drop by and comment!


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