My kids are incredibly irritable these days.  I'm sure the constant cold weather is partially to blame; they are so tired of being inside, but with the high hovering around -20C most days, we haven't ventured out much lately.  The usual activities are not capturing their interest (even dancing!), so I've been turning to the one thing that never ceases to engage my tactile kids: sensory play.

Over the past couple weeks we've done it all: play-dough, slime, long warm baths, bubbly soap in tubs in the kitchen, cornstarch & water play, all the sensory bins I already had created and a couple new ones too.  Inspired by the recipe from Play Create Explore, and Anna's adaptation of it at The Imagination Tree, I made up a batch of Silky Rose Play-Dough, which I knew would delight Yummy and her love of red roses. 
I used:
  • 1 part Rose scented conditioner from Dollarama
  • 2 parts Corn Starch
  • Red food colouring
  • the fresh petals from two red roses

I mixed the first three ingredients together to create a soft pink play dough, adjusting the corn starch so the dough wouldn't be too sticky.  

I placed a ball of the play dough on two cookie sheets for each child and surrounded each with rose petals for a beautiful and scented sensory activity.

Dooter was unsure of the texture of this super soft play-dough; he prefers the classic homemade stuff apparently.  But Yummy loves the smoothness, and was overjoyed to see her favourite flower become part of a fun activity.  
Both children loved the smell of the play-dough, as well as the rose petals themselves.  This created a successful 20 minutes of play, in which no bickering or whining occurred.  Sigh.  Winter can't last forever, can it? 
  • For a more natural scent, try using an unscented conditioner and adding rose essential oil instead
  • Use different flowers and matching colours of play-dough (yellow colour with sunflowers or dandelions, purple play-dough with irises, etc)

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3/3/2014 07:41:45 am

What a wonderful idea! Now someone just needs to talk my husband into giving me some roses ;)

3/3/2014 11:22:07 am

Ha ha! Yes, mine hasn't bought me flowers in a while either! I actually bought these for Yummy as a special surprise.


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