Yummy is currently enamoured by flowers of all kinds, particularly roses.  My mother's day roses didn't last very long with the constant squeezing and smelling and touching, but they were well loved indeed.  I wanted to create a simple and easy art activity for Yummy, since she is more interested in being outside these days than anything else.  Based on her love of flowers, I cut out a number f simple petal shapes in rainbow colours, along with some green stems and circles for flower centres.  Yummy was quite excited to see the colourful tray of shapes awaiting her after Quiet Time.  
Not one to miss out on an opportunity for learning, I had Yummy tell me all the colours and the letter each began with as she poked through the trays to see what she had to work with.  We also talked about the shapes -Yummy was very proud to know that the stems were rectangles and was able to tell me how they are different from squares.  At first I helped Yummy squeeze some glue out for her flower creations, but she soon took over the job, and created some very pretty monochromatic blooms!  The last one was a "mis-match" flower, to use up the last shapes, she explained to me.  
It was a fun, simple activity and Yummy is super proud of her artwork.  
This activity explores these elements of art:
  1. Shape: individual shapes and the shapes they create when combined
  2. Colour: could extend the activity to discuss colour schemes (monochromatic: using the same colour in lighter and darker hues, complimentary: colour on opposite sides of the colour wheel)

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