Yummy enjoyed the Simple Shapes project with flowers so much, that I decided to try it again, with different shapes and a different theme -the farm!  I asked what kind of things we see on a farm.  Her answers: dirt, grass, barns, and tractors.  She enjoyed sifting through the shapes, tracing her finger around some to count the sides.
  Then she got right to work, glueing and placing the shapes on the paper.   
Since it's been seeding time (just finished up last night!  Woohoo!), we see a lot of tractors around here, much to the delight of my wheel and motor loving children.  I'm not sure what the orange squares on Yummy's tractor are about, but she felt they were necessary.  
Next up, a barn and some flowers in the garden.  I love her abstract style!
This activity explores these elements of art:
  1. Shape: individual shapes and the shapes they create when combined
  2. Colour: could extend the activity to discuss colour schemes (monochromatic: using the same colour in lighter and darker hues, complimentary: colour on opposite sides of the colour wheel)

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