The letter "E" was Yummy's next choice for an Alphabet Dance, so we got to experiment with the non-locomotor movement of EXPLODE!  
Dooter was awake for this experience (which is good, since it was too cold and windy to bring such an explosive dance outdoors!) and got to join in.  He loves to copy movements and is pretty creative in making up his own, especially if there is music involved and his big sister is doing it too.
To begin, I described the word explode to Yummy: how fireworks explode into the sky and how our dog, Katie, explodes out the door when she wants to go outside.  I asked how she thought we could make our bodies explode.  We decided that the movement is sudden and quick, not slow or carfeul.  Then we tested how our different body parts could "explode" -arms, legs, heads.
I encouraged Yummy to try different levels: low and high.  We lay on our backs, all tucked together and exploded our arms and legs outwards.  We jumped as high as we could, making our arms explode towards the ceiling.
Once again, our dance exploration was a lot of fun, probably even more than last time since Dooter was involved.  The more the merrier, as they say.  Both the kids' cheeks were red from the exercise and laughter.  I am loving this dance series!
This activity explores these elements of dance:
  1. Movement: Non-Locomotor Movement (explode)
  2. Body: Parts (arms, legs, hands, heads)
  3. Space: Levels (low & high)
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