Yummy and Dooter were due for another Alphabet Dance experience.  I chose the letter T this time, for Twirl & Twist.  We've been doing a lot of dancing to Christmas music in our house these days and Boney M really gets the kids moving.  Yummy's favourite is their version of Joy to The World.

Both my kids are quite talented at twirling (what is the fascination with spinning??  I spin around once and I could barf), but I did needed to explain the difference between twirling and twisting to Yummy.  I explained that twirling is going all the way around, while twisting goes side to side or back and forth (I demonstrated with a pretty awesome version of The Twist).  
So we twirled and twisted.
Then we tried twirling and twisting different parts: our heads, our arms, our hands.  Dooter thought my twirling head was hilarious -he laughed and laughed.   
We even sat and lay on the floor and twirled our feet in circles.  
As the music changed, from the quicker-paced Joy to the World to the Boney M's slower Oh Christmas Tree, I was able to throw in another Element of Dance -Time.  Our twirls and twists went from fast to slow.  It made for a nice cool-down, before the kids headed to their rooms for Nap/Quiet Time.
This activity explores these Elements of Dance:
  1. Body:  Shape (curves, various shapes); Parts: head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, stomach
  2. Time:  Speed: slow, medium, fast

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12/13/2013 09:03:34 pm

My daughter will love this dance activity. Her new favorite thing to do is spin around in circles until she can't walk straight. (I'm with you - half a "Ring Around The Rosy" and I have to sit down! lol) Great idea!

12/14/2013 03:27:42 am

Ha ha! My kids also spin until they can't walk -sometimes I have to put an end to it as they start running into things… Thanks for stopping by!

6/1/2017 03:49:46 am

I can see that you're doing the right and fun thing in parenthood! I know it's not easy, but you're making it as if it's really an easy thing! I want to congratulate you for that. By the way, the "T" dance step looks really exciting to do. As a child, it would really be a challenge for me, but I know that I will learn a lot from these steps. It's obvious that the kids are enjoying the moment dancing!


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