This post is part of my ongoing series, The Alphabet Dances, which you can find here.  For the letter 'U', I decided to create some ribbon wands as dancing props, something to physically dance under.  I used some wooden circles that I found at a thrift shop (you can likely find some at a dollar store or craft store) and simply tied long ribbons to each. 
I put on some lively music (the soundtrack from Stella & Sam -my kids are loving it) and we made our ribbon wands fly.  Since our word for this dance was Under, I chose to focus on levels.  I encouraged Yummy to wave her wands low, high and in the middle.  
Next, Yummy and I tried dancing under each other's ribbons.  We also tried making Dooter dance under our ribbons, but he was in a terrible mood which wasn't made better by tickle ribbons waving in his face.  We left him to play with his trucks in the play corner.  
This activity explores this Element of Dance:
  1. Levels: low, middle, high

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The Multitasking Mummy
11/25/2013 08:05:26 am

Yummy looks like she's in her element! Those ribbon dance wands are gorgeous.

11/25/2013 10:37:31 am

Thanks Eva! Yes, Yummy does love to dance!

12/4/2013 06:46:45 am

Great idea! Little girls love things like this! I am very interested in your letter series because my daughter and I want to start this with her 3 year old. I babysit for her 3 days a week. We'd like to team up and get her started but some letters - like "u" ! - aren't the easiest ones to demonstrate. Well, we do have an umbrella - but how boring is that? EVERYBODY uses that word!

12/4/2013 09:16:09 pm

Thanks for stopping by, Joyce! So glad to hear you are inspired to use these little dance lessons! My 4 year old and 2 year old both love them -I'd love to hear how your granddaughter enjoys them!


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