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I seem to be on a gift-giving kick lately; I suppose it is the season!  Last week I posted about 19 Child-Made Gift Ideas and explained how I believe it develops compassion, generosity and resourcefulness for kids to make and give gifts.  

I have had the pleasure of working through the Why I Give Activity Book by Corine Hyman with my kids over the past week.  The activities are wonderful -we've made quite a few gifts for our friends and family, using the ideas Corine has included.  I am so excited to share this activity book with you, and also to be able to offer a copy as a giveaway, so generously provided by Corine Hyman!
Included in the book are bible verses that explain why it is important to give, as well as how we should give (with cheerfulness!).  There are lots of fun activities and games to complete with family and friends, as well as colouring pages.  A lot of the games are beyond Yummy's preschool age, but she very much enjoyed the colouring.
Yummy enjoyed drawing in response to the journal pages throughout.  Her favourite was the page that asked her to write or draw what she would give each family member, if she could afford anything.  She would give her little brother, Dooter, a combine that he could actually ride, and the rest of us would get horses.  Below is a drawing of the horse she would give her Daddy. 
And what was Dooter up to while Yummy worked through the activities?  Drawing a green beard on his face with marker, of course!

I've been helping Yummy and Dooter create some of the gifts from Why I Give; it's been a lot of fun for all of us!  I love working on gifts for people, anticipating the coming Christmas season, and hope my kids are learning to love it as well.

Rock Paperweights

Both kids loved painting the rocks (fun to paint on something three-dimensional once in a while!).  Yummy added her signature glitter-coating as well and is very excited to give these to her cousins.

Candle Holders

Dooter got to work on his fine motor skills and experiment with scissors for this project.  He didn't quite master it and both kids ended up tearing the tissue paper for these pretty candle holders.

Fabric Decorated Notebooks

Yummy probably loved this project the most -she had a great time picking different fabrics for the notebooks, spelling out her friends' names, and glueing buttons on for extra decoration.

Personalized Mug

This is definitely my favourite project -if only because it showcases Yummy's simple and earnest early drawing skills.  I'm not sure she will be able to keep the secret until Christmas, but she is beyond excited to give it to her Daddy.

And now it is time for you to enter the giveaway for your own chance to win a copy of this activity book!  Corine Hyman has so generously given me a copy of her book, Why I Give, to use as a giveaway!  I would love it if you would enter and share it with your friends who would also enjoy this book.
If you just can't wait to see it, the book is on sale for 1.99 through December 2, and then it will be 4.99.  Click here to buy your copy now (this is an affiliate link)!
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11/27/2013 02:33:09 am

Great post, Maria! Your kids are adorable, (although I suppose I could be a little biased.) I love how your projects turned out! We have been going through this book too and it really is a wonderful book! Thanks for sharing!

11/27/2013 04:41:25 am

Thanks Missy! Yes, it is a fun book to work through -I'm glad you bunch are enjoying it too. Looks like you've been making some lovely gifts as well! Don't be surprised if your kids receive some things similar to what they've been making...

10/11/2017 05:31:34 pm

I was actually having a doubt at first when you said that you are giving an activity book to random kids that you see. People nowadays would just think of themselves first rather than prioritizing the needs of other people. But I guess, you are too good as a person. I love the idea that you are concerned with these kids' future and you want them to learn. How I wish all people would have the same objective as yours and be a helping hand to those who are in need!


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