Last summer I had a babysitter come out to the farm every Wednesday morning to watch the kids while I disappeared into my workroom for three and a half hours of glorious, uninterrupted work.  Since December, I haven’t had the luxury of extra help, but I was reluctant to give up that time that I enjoy so very much.  Yummy is pretty good at finding something to entertain herself with, but often likes to do something similar to what I am working on, so I decided to create a couple kits for her to pull out when I want to get something accomplished in the workroom.  When I am designing and making notebooks, I have a card-making kit so Yummy can work with paper as well.  For the times I am sewing, I created a kids sewing box so she can get familiar with fabrics, pins, buttons, etc.  I also spend a lot of time art journalling, an activity that Yummy does alongside me in her own journal, but I will save that for another post.
Here’s what I have in the card-making kit:
  • Envelopes
  • Cards (made from small pieces of folded card stock)
  • Name Labels with the names of family members so she can address her letters.  I printed these on Avery labels, but they could also be handwritten.  (Yummy can recognize most of her letters and can figure out who the label is addressed to, but I love the idea from Playful Learning of creating a “name chest” with photos of family members on little drawers with the labels inside.)
  • Coloured markers with both fine and thick tips for drawing and writing
  • Fancy pens in her favourite colours: pink and blue

  • Stickers: Yummy often gets out her little sticker box to add stickers to her letters or to seal her envelopes.
  • Variety: Every now and then I add different coloured cards or envelopes to spice it up, or letter-writing templates I’ve printed off with fun designs and pictures.

Yummy’s Sewing Box includes:
  • a handmade Pincushion (with exactly 4 pins so I can always count and make sure there aren’t any laying on the floor waiting for Dooter to discover)
  • Plastic Needle
  • Embroidery thread
  • Fabric Scissors (I tried giving her kid-safe scissors, but they do not cut fabric.  These little ones are sharp so I just make sure I am always right next to her while she is working with them)
  • Ceramic Thimble, found at a thrift store
  • Buttons, different colours and shapes
  • Fabric -little squares I’ve cut from my own scraps
  • Sewing cards and stiff thread (the template for these cards is fromDandee)
  • Plastic canvas (got the idea to cut out a flower and star shape and wrap the edges from Childhood 101)

Sometimes Yummy comes up with a totally different project to keep herself busy while I work, but its nice to have these activities ready when she needs some help.

*Childhood 101 has a great example of a toddler sewing basket.

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